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Pet friendly Homes

Renting with pets - a win win for landlords and tenants!

Marcus Annfield
April 7, 2017

There's always a high demand for accommodation for pet (normally dog) owning families, sharers and single tenants in our County. We receive 12 enquiries a week from people looking for sympathetic landlords and agents. We aim to find 2 suitable houses a week to place waiting tenants in.

But Why the shortage?

- Most agents have a "no pets" policy and automatically turn the tenants away, as they presume their landlord won't allow pets.

- Some landlords have had a bad experience with a pet owner before, so vow never to let to this tenant type again.

- Some expect the pet will destroy their property, or leave long lasting odours, or disturb neighbours.

The reality

- Most pets are treated like a member of the household, and are well cared for.

- Most pets have clear boundaries (baby gates etc) which limit their movement through the property

- Most eventualities can be mitigated, there are some brilliant safeguards you can put in place.

Why let to pets?

Some of our Landlords enjoy letting to pet owning families because:

- Their property can be let 16% more quickly

- Average rental length is 22 months

- Rental values can be higher


We always suggest that both parties are made aware of the pets and associated house rules before the tenancy starts. Some tenants have been known to "sneak" a Chihuahua in after a few weeks. Being straight with landlords and agents is always the best policy. To safeguard at this stage, we often refer to the Dogs Trust's LetsWithPets scheme. This provides a pet passport, useful info and suggestions and a pet policy for the tenancy agreement.

Some pets will damage property. There is similar risk when letting to parents of 5 year olds with a Sharpie and imagination. To safeguard against this, we suggest a larger deposit is paid (£100 extra to double the rent). This will help pay to fix most damage. We also suggest tenants take out liability cover. This is often very good value and adds more peace of mind for both parties.

Lastly, there is the issue of noise/nuisance. Constant barking, scratching and digging is a factor. To mitigate against this, we find out what plans the tenants have in place for walking, cleaning, caring etc, so we can report back to the landlord. We also recommend dog walkers/groomers/vets, so the tenants can be helped in this process, especially if relocating.


Renting to pet owners can be rewarding, and, with the right plans in place, can be exremely beneficial to all.

We would love to discuss this further and put you in contct with the organisations listed above.

For more information please contact us:

Woodfield Lettings

Cheltenham Film Studios, GL51 6PN

01242 518441



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